Black Granite Process

Our production lines: advanced machines for blocks cutting, slab processing, tiles processing etc.
Following are some absolute black granite,black galaxy granite and worldwide granite polished products for your reference:

Black Granite Slab Process

Black Granite Waterjet Process

Black Granite Edge Process

Black Granite Slab Polished

Black Granite Process is cut from the “bed” of the quarry with a jet piercing machine that produces a flame burning at approximately 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This high-velocity flame, created by burning oxygen and fuel oil, is directed at the granite to be removed, causing a continuous flaking action. Black Granite Cutting In terms of granite processing, the first step is the cutting of granite blocks. This is primarily done by using diamond wire-saw machinery. A continuous stream of water is maintained over the saw to dissipate the heat produced during the cutting. Black Granite Polishing Polishing is done to eliminate any excess resin on the granite surface as well as smoothen its finish. The process is carried out using special silicon carbide abrasives with a polishing machine. There are different types of abrasives to choose from considering the varying hardness and pressure of the granite slab. A granite stone goes through several processes before becoming a slab that can be applied in a construction or architecture project. China is a hub of various granite countertop suppliers that can be bought in diverse colors and finishes.  We own quarries producing many colors of granite, green marble and sandstone. Our attention to quality and detail starts here, in our quarries, which leads us to be a responsible supplier, and we know the importance of quality control, not only in product, but in the training of our employees. In order to maintain our high standards, we invested in and installed the latest machinery for cutting, polishing, and thickness control and edge treatments. Management and employees were factory trained in the operation of the machinery. The result is improved quality control and increased production. Our products are currently being exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and Turkey. We continue to strive for excellence in product and customer service to ensure success for us and our customers.
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