Black Granite FAQs

The construction industry classifies black granite as black rocks that share the hardness and strength of granite rocks.
Geologically, black granite may be composed of gabbro, diabase, basalt, diorite, norite, and anorthosite.

Most black granite contains at least 20% quartz and a significant amount of gabbro. Gabbro is a coarse-grained rock
composed of the minerals pyroxene, plagioclase, and small amounts of olivine and amphibole.

Black granite has lower density quartz content and a higher proportion of dark minerals with ions and other metals;
therefore, it is much denser than other igneous rock types. Typically, Black granite countertops come in two finishes;
honed or polished.

With honed granite, the polishing process ends before the granite slab is buffed to create a matte or low-gloss sheen
look. Honed granite does not have a highly reflective surface, nor is the natural stone’s detail as noticeable. Honed
granite offers a softer finish that works if you desire a casual or aged look.

Black honed granite countertop

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Polished black granite reflects light with its glossy, mirror-like shine. Its shiny surface is created by buffing the
stone with fine polishing pads. The polished surface appears smooth and flawless, and the stone’s color will look richer
and darker. Both countertop finishes require sealing, so choosing between honed or polished black granite depends on your
interior design choices.

Some people are afraid of using black granite surfaces in a kitchen. This fear comes mostly from the two presumptions — that dark counters will make the kitchen look too dark or that it is hard to maintain and keep clean black counters.

These statements don’t have to be the reality. The truth is that, when combined with cabinetry and walls of lighter colors, not only that dark counters will make the space look dark but the combination will show that black countertops were the only logical element for this type of space. Breadcrumbs, salt, flour, and specs of dust can stand out on a black countertop. But countertops need to be regularly cleaned and maintained regardless their color or showing of dirt. There should be no difference in maintaining light and dark countertops. Also, black granite is particularly dense and much less likely to absorb stains than other materials. This makes black granite countertops even easier to maintain.

Overall, these are the main black granite kitchen countertop pros:

  • They create a stunning, exquisitely elegant presence wherever installed.
  • Black counters add a feeling of depth and help accentuate other colors and shades in the kitchen.
  • Incredible versatility — they go well with any other colors and is easy to combine and are a perfect element for uncomplicated design solutions.
  • It’s a durable, dependable, and everlasting working surface that will stand the test of time.
  • Black granite countertops are stain resistant when properly and regularly sealed. Its natural hardness provides superior protection and durability.
  • It’s easy to maintain them. Using warm water with just a bit of liquid soap and soft cloth is enough, while making sure to seal them yearly.

The cons of a black granite kitchens are… well, there are none, but let’s go through some of their characteristics that may seem like cons at first.

  • Black granite kitchen countertops cost may be high in comparison to other granite variants. However, it’s wise to consider the fact that granite overall is less expensive than quartz. Also, your requirements in terms of the finish and edge may add up to the cost. We urge you to explore the prices for black granite and choose a high-quality grade slab even if it’s a bit pricier because it will prove as a better investment.
  • Water marks and fingertips may show on the surface of black granite, especially on polished finish. However, if you seal your black granite work surface, you won’t be having this issue or, at least, you’ll deal with it minimally. That is, if barely visible traces of water mark and fingertips bother you at all.
  • You may notice dust sooner on black kitchen countertops than on their lighter counterparts. If you make sure to wipe down its surface every day, you won’t notice it at all. Also, note that polished surface finish will show dust sooner than honed surface finish, for example.

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