Always opt for the best packaging materials that help you get rid of issues concerning friction and damage during the transit of packed stone products.
Black Granite Stone Packing is also the most important produces during the whole stone business, for the strong wooden packing will be affect the quality when customers received it. For each stone order whatever big or samples order, we are considering and design the best suitable packing for our stone products. As always we will guarantee that when our customers receive the container from us, and then will be satisfied with our quality after unpack the wooden packing that is the only news we want to see and desire.

Black Granite Packing

From the finest quality wooden strips to polystyrene boxes and from crates and strong belts, there is a long list of packing materials that make a big difference.
Stone Fumigation or Wooden Crate treatment is the final work before the container sail to customers. In order to prevent harmful organism, protect the forests and ecological environment. All of our wooden crate will be carrying with Methyl Bromide or Heat Treatment (HT Treatment, the core of wooden temperature must be kept at 56??C and above for 30 minutes to kill the insects and pests) At present we used two kind of treatment to prevent the infection from wooden packing. They are acceptable by all quarantine authorities around the world. Manufacturers and processors of granite stone products understand the value of safe and secure packing. 100% protection of the granite stone is vital for hassle-free transportation. It ensures no breakage and scratches to packed stone. Moreover, it protects from water and acid damage. That is why commercial packing matters the most. When it comes to protecting polished and processed granite stone, granite packing becomes a central attraction. Black Granite stone packing plays a pivotal role in the safe passage of packed stone items from factories to different port destinations. Plastic bags, corrugated boxes, polystyrene boxes, and plastic crates are some of the valuable materials that granite packers use to protect stones from all possible damages. Packers, basically, protect granite stone as per the needs of the size and thickness of the stone.
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