Black Basalt is created from hardened molten lava. Basalt is an extrusive igneous or volcanic rock with a lowsilica concentration. a dark color and a high iron andmagnesium content. Basalt is the most prevalent rock onthe earth’s surface and is mostly made of pyroxene.olivine, and plagioclase. Basalt rocks have a coarseporous texture due to the pores caused by gas bubblesThese rocks’ specimens are usually fine-grained, glassy.and compact. Black Basalt rocks make up a major portionof the ocean floor. Volcanoes erupting in ocean basinscan result in the development of volcanic islands.
It is one of the densest stones on earth. The hardness, uniformity of color & endless finish possibilities make Basalt suitable for interior or exterior applications, including cladding,water features,Commercial & Residential; Interior & Exterior applications. highly durable stone that is perfect for paths and can also be used in water features. Black Basalt is Jet black when wet and a charcoal grey colour when dry. It is the perfect decorative chipping to create a stylish, contemporary look to any patio or garden.
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