Black Basalt

Flamed Mongolia Black Basalt Paver

1. Product Name: Flamed Mongolia Black Basalt Paver
2. Material: Basalt
3. Style:Modern
4. MOQ: 1 Set
5. Shipment Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, etc


Mongolian black is a black Basalt from China. In natural stone trade, mongolian black is often simply called a Granite.

Mongolian Black Basalt is a kind of black basalt quarried from North China, mongolia black is massively used in the building and landscaping area, it’s also a very good choice material for exterior paving, it can be processed with neary any type of finishes.

Mongolian black Flamed is the  most popular processing method, s. Some clients call it heating or burning. After flaming, the stone surface becomes rough, it is very helpful for anti-slip, popularly used for outdoor flooring, steps, etc. The thickness should be over 1.5cm for flamed finishing because, under extremely high temperature, the stone becomes fragile, easily broken, thinner the stone is, more breakage will be.

Flamed Mongolia Black Basalt Paver

Mongolian black Basalt Paver After flame, we will brush the stone surface one or two times, to make it be friendly our naked hand touching and remove the rust dirt. If it is brushed by over 5 times, the surface will become smooth, we call it leather finishing because it is touched like the leather, this surface processing is most used for bathroom flooring and tabletops.

Flamed Mongolia Black Basalt Paver Flamed Mongolia Black Basalt Paver

There are abound blocks in our stone yard, that we can manufacture order timely when orders are confirmed, to make sure our fast delivery time

Flamed Mongolia Black Basalt Paver

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