Black Basalt

Basalt Black Floor Tiles

Type: Basalt
Color:black or dark black
Surface Finishing: Polished,honed,rough honed,flamed
Loading Port: Xiamen
Min. Order: 50m2
Packaging Detail: Strong Wooden Crate
Delivery Detail:3-4weeks
Payment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF


Black basalt tiles are more and more popular now. Basalt,the main component of oceanic crust, is a basic volcanic rock. It is the most important constituent material of the earth’s oceanic crust and the moon and the sea, and also an important constituent material of the earth’s crust and the lunar land. In 1546, G. Agricola used the word basalt to describe the black rocks of Saxony in Germany for the first time in geological literature. The word basalt in Chinese is quoted from Japanese. Japan found black olive basalt in Xuanwu Cave in Hyogo Prefecture, hence the name..

The density of martialite is 2.8~3.3g/cm3, and the compact one has a high compressive strength, which can be as high as 300MPa, sometimes higher. When there are vitreous and pores, the strength will be reduced. Black Basalt tile has high durability and many joints, and the joint surfaces are mostly pentagonal or hexagonal, forming columnar joints.

Basalt Black Floor Tiles

Basalt black tiles are the best material used in the repair of roads, railways, and airport runways. It has strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance , low draft. It has the advantages of poor electrical conductivity, strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt adhesion. It is recognized internationally and is the best cornerstone for the development of railway transportation and road transportation. They are also used as basalt black fireplaces tiles.

Basalt Black Floor Tiles

Basalt black fireplace and floor tiles basic information

Name Basalt black fireplace and floor tiles
Brand Eastwood Stone
Color black
Description Normal size:60x60cm(24’’x24’’),30x30cm(12’’x12’’),30x60cm(12’’x24’’)
Normal finished:rough honed ,honed,flamed
MOQ 50m2
Supply 10000 m2/month
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery date 4-6weeks after customers’ confirmation on order

Basalt Black Floor Tiles

4) About us

Eastwood stone offers big product variety of basalt black fireplaces tile, we export more than 1000 containers each year, we have rich experience to produce and export. And we have our own quarry for basalt black,we can select the blocks from quarry and make the cost of blocks lower, we always give reasonable prices with good service and quality. we bring a service attitude to work and always give the professional advise and good support after ordering.

Basalt Black Floor Tiles

4) Usage

Fireplaces,house,hotel,railways,train station floor tile

Basalt Black Floor Tiles

5) Packing and shipping:
A) Strong wooden crate or poly wooden crate.
B) customized packing.

Shipping: By Sea for full container or LCL, also small quantity by DHL or FEDEX


7) FAQ

1 Q:Can we always find you during ordering?

Yes,pls feel free to contact us,our sales department will provide you with 24 hours pre-sale.

2 Q:Can I visit you before ordering?

Yes,welcome to our warehouse and factory,we would show you around our factory and give you idea about the materials

3. Q:What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A:Our minimum quantity is 100m2,

We can send you small sample like 10x10cm or 15x15cm

It would be broken if you need big samples,and our customers need to pay for freight cost

4. Q:What is normal sizes of black granite tile?

A:the normal size can be 60x60cm,60x30cm,60x90cm,30x30cm x thickness 2cm,3cm and 5cm.

5 Q:How can i trust your company?

A:With more than 10-years-professional natural stone supplier, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price

1. we export more than 1000containers each year,you can check by Chinese customs.

2. we also finished different projects and cooperate with different big distributors,you can check it.

6 Q:what is the delivery time?

The delivery time is about 2-4weeks,it depends on quantity and designs

7 Q:Is your price competitive?

Yes,we have our own quarry,which makes the cost of blocks lower.And we have advanced machine and designers,we would make the production lower,our prices are quite competitive with good quality

8) Service

1. Professional in basalt stone
2. Small order accepted.
3. Quickly response

4. Various payment terms to choose

5. Safer and faster transportation

6. High quality and competitive prices

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