Black Basalt

Polished Black Pebble Cobble Stone For Garden Art

Size: 6-12mm,10-20,12-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-50mm, 60-90mm, 100-150mm, etc. As your requirements


1)High Quality River Marble Black Pebble Stone Polished Mixed Garden Pebbles And Stones

Folding architecture
Pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, garden architecture, paved (park inside building the cobblestones long have the effect of prolong life), park rockery, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other advanced superstructure.It is to carry forward the culture of ancient eastern and western classical, elegant, return uncut jade to put in artistic style.

Landscape effect
Pebbles for water purification, sewage treatment, electric power, the botanical garden project provides the high quality material.Also for ceramics, precision casting, papermaking, grinding, chemical, monocrystalline silicon, provide raw and auxiliary materials such as defence.

Polished Black Pebble Cobble Stone For Garden Art

2)Black Pebble Natural Stone For Garden Decoration

Introduction Natural Polished Small Gravel Stone

It can be used in outdoor and indoor for beauty and decoration.

It has many colors and different sizes from 1cm to 8cm, and can be customized.

Usage It can be used at family balcony, garden decoration,garden landscaping, miniascape, plants and flowers, aquarium, hydroponics, etc.
Advantage 1. Quality assured.
2. Short lead time.
3. Superior customer services before and after the sale.

Polished Black Pebble Cobble Stone For Garden Art

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