What are the cheaper prices of black granite stone?

There are many types of black stone, which are generally used for indoor decoration, exterior wall hanging, and landscaping and municipal engineering. The types of black stone include: sesame black, Zhangqiu black stone, Yimeng black, Huaihua green stone, etc. The larger the color of black stone, the cheaper the price. Common sesame black stone is generally produced in many granite production areas in China, such as Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, and other places where black stone is mined.

black granite stone for kitchen

The common black stones we see include sesame black, black gold sand, night black, and so on. Taking sesame black stone as an example, sesame black stone has many origins in places such as Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, etc. Here, Shandong sesame black stone is the most famous and also known as g654.

G654 stone is further divided into large flower, medium flower, and small flower. Due to the different colors and depths of stone, there is also a significant price difference. Sesame black stone’s lychee surface, fire burned surface, and smooth flowing surface are commonly used processing techniques. Generally, sesame black fire burned surface and lychee surface have anti slip effects, and smooth surface is generally used for water features, exterior wall hanging, and other purposes.

Small sesame black stone with delicate patterns and evenly distributed dots. However, in the process of mining waste materials, not every layer of waste material has the same color and pattern, so there is a difference in the depth of the color and pattern. Often, the smaller the pattern, the darker the color, the higher the price, and vice versa, the cheaper the price. The sesame black G654 stone we are referring to here.

Due to some minor quality issues with the raw material itself, there are many white lines on the tree roots, so the cost of doing some high demand projects is much higher. Therefore, I suggest that you can adopt another type of sesame black stone with similar color and pattern, but at a much cheaper price. The local black stone in Shandong is divided into various types of granite, such as Zhangqiu black and Yimeng black.

In the price of black granite stone, the larger the color, the cheaper the price. For example, the price of a typical three centimeter thick sesame black stone is around 80 yuan per square meter. If the color of the small flower is darker, the price of sesame black stone is around 95 yuan per square meter. The origin of black granite stone is located in Jinan, Linyi, Jining and other areas in Shandong Province. These areas are also home to a large number of stone processing plants, which export processed products through one-stop transportation, procurement, and sales processes.

If we choose black granite as the flooring stone again, we usually choose B-material granite. If it is for exterior wall hanging and water well carving, we need to use A-material black stone because A-material stone has better quality and color than necessary.

Black granite | the most attitudinal color

Sesame black

As a natural black stone, Sesame Black is naturally stable, heavy, and elegant, making it highly favored by designers and consumers in both domestic and international markets. It is used in high-end real estate and office building projects for stone hanging, countertops, carving, flooring, etc.

Black Sands

Domestic ones mainly consist of small gold dots and medium gold dots, namely medium and small flowers. These types of patterns are more suitable for home and villa buildings, and can also be used in small stores, washbasins, food processing areas, or tables.

Imported black gold sand (mainly imported from India) has relatively large gold dots and few small flowers. This type is more suitable for large-scale projects and the decoration of large hotels.

China Black

China Black is the most famous and largest producing granite in Hebei Province,

High hardness, high density, there is a saying that it will last for thousands of years, but in fact, its natural lifespan is not limited to this. Mirror polishing, with a brightness of over 100 degrees. So it is also known as the black mirror surface.

The processed products mainly include table panels, indoor and outdoor floors, walls, large floor paving stones, tombstones, process blocks, measuring tool platforms, etc.

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