How to clean sesame black stone used in the kitchen

How to clean sesame black stone used in the kitchen? Sesame black granite has a high surface finish, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high hardness and density, high iron content, and no radioactivity. It is similar to American sesame black, a kind of black and white background, scattered gray pitting, and the color is relatively uniform, so it is called sesame black. Sesame black stone has a wide distribution of resources, which is convenient for large-scale mining and industrial processing.

The grain of stone is fine and even, and the grain size of its crystals varies greatly. Sesame black stone stone belongs to the hardness of stone, with higher compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties of color, texture design, more rich and colorful physical stability of the special-shaped stone, weaving meticulous, impact grain fall off, no burrs, surface does not affect the surface accuracy, stable material, can guarantee the long-term deformation. Here’s how to clean up sesame black stone when it’s used in your kitchen.

Because sesame black stone is porous material, it is easy to be stained, so we should use less water when cleaning, regularly wipe with a slightly wet cloth with mild detergent, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth to dry and polish. If wear is serious, it is difficult to deal with, this time can be wiped with steel velvet, polish with electric polisher next, can restore luster so.

As sesame black stone is a light-colored stone, the pollution is very obvious. If strong acid and alkaline cleaners are used, the sesame black stone plates may change in color. The use of incorrect stone materials to maintain the compound, or even sunlight, is likely to cause the white linen panels to become dull in color.

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