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Matters Needing Attention In The Installation Of Granite Marble

Talk about the installation of granite marble installation needs to pay attention to matters before, as the market is now relatively common for the use of granite marble. However, some other phenomena will occur after installation, and the main reason for this phenomenon is that we did not pay attention to the matters before installation, so what are the specific needs?

1. The ground is not leveled or damaged due to ground tearing before installation.

2. Natural granite marble is defective. When we choose stone products, we do not choose them carefully, which leads to the installation of some products with natural defects.

3. There is no regular cleaning and cleaning of the stone surface maintenance, so will lead to the dust and dirt on the stone surface accumulation blocked pores, resulting in the stone can not be normal “breathing”, so that the internal moisture can not exhalation, accumulation in the internal disease will occur.

The above text is install granite marble items need to be aware of, I believe you can help to you, from the above text before the installation note which prepare relevant knowledge, to learn more knowledge of friends can continue to focus on our website, our company processing of granite marble quality good price you can rest assured to buy for our company.

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