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Explain The Necessity Of Corrosion Prevention Of Granite Roadstones

Explains the need for corrosion prevention with granite kerbstones, which are mainly used to distinguish the boundary between sidewalk and roadway, and sometimes to distinguish a green belt. Seemingly strong granite curb stone is more and more need for corrosion prevention, we are how to do it, the following small make up for you to explain the relevant explanation.

The lithochemical corrosion of granite roadsides can be divided into two kinds, one is human and the other is natural.

Artificial chemical etching

1, industrial emissions of gases, such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, sulfur oxides, carbon oxides and acid particles, such as the surge on the content, these substances dissolved in water will form acid rain, on the formation of corrosive stone affect its service life.

2, industrial emissions include acid or alkali “slag” and “waste” formed by corrosion, corrosion of stone.

3. Chemical agents sprinkled with corrosive stone may be inadvertently formed during the construction process.

4. Clean the stone or maintain the stone once, and improper use of curing agent will cause the formation of corroded stone.

Natural chemical corrosion caused by the following factors

1, the natural N2, O2, H2O discharge of HNO3 acid rain occurs and causes corrosion of the stone on the side of the road.

2, nitric acid bacteria under certain conditions of natural air HN3, O2, HNO3 acid corrosion of stone.

Above is small make up to explain to you about the necessity of granite marble corrosion prevention, we have a better understanding of = granite curb stone.

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