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How To Distinguish The Difference Between Primary Color And Dyeing Of Granite Marble

How to identify the difference between primary and dyed granite, marble, granite, marble is now one of the building materials of stone is very popular on the market, now many young people prefer to use granite marble as the main material of house decoration, but now appears on the market do the dyeing of stone material, how can we identify them.

The dyed granite marble is beautiful in color, but not as bright as the natural ruststone, and the color varies greatly. This requires that when you buy granite marble, you should carefully observe the section, and you may find that there are stained impregnated layers. To be in is to knock on the ruststone, to be distinguished by sound. Dyeing granite marble usually choose stone quality is not good, porosity, high water absorption of rust stone, so the sound will not be natural rust loud sound. You can also apply the oil. There will be grease on the other side of the stained rust stone. The dye-impregnated layers can be seen at the fracture of the plate, and sometimes it is necessary to sharpen the edge to see; Dyed granite marble usually choose the stone quality is not good, porosity, high water absorption of rust stone, can be distinguished by percussion, natural rust stone is usually loud and clear; Apply oil to add gloss to the rust stone on the opposite side of the sense of oil; Although the coating of rust stone glossiness is high, but the strength of the film is not good, easy to wear, there are scratches on the light; Wax coated to add gloss to the ruststone, with a match or lighter to bake, the wax will be lost, the true appearance of the toilet paper on the top of the rub, if the color fell down is stained ruststone.

Above is about identifying the difference between granite marble primary color and dyeing, xiaobian think more learning about stone knowledge is good for us.

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