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Causes Of Granite Marble Life Span

In order to prolong the service life of granite marble in life we should pay attention to the details of maintenance, it is important to learn to wax is reasonable, although this is ordinary, but also has a certain point, especially in the choice of granite marble paraffin wax to nursing, at the end of the application with pigment wax water, in the stone appearance can be determined once effective waterproof, prevent oil curing process, the application of can enrich maintain stone appearance, with pollution prevention and control technology. Such ability increases the service life of granite marble, let marble still be like new.

On the stone look yellow wax water for a long time in the formation of the phenomenon of market, but the wax can be applied to a large number of varieties of convalescence area traffic delay of stone material varieties, brand is various, its features and the quality of the average consumer, extremely difficult to understand clearly and correctly applied, is applied to the stone wax on the surface of the water and nurse at the same time continue to accumulate on the surface of the curb stone, black products prevention after a long period of time, we must understand the nature of the stone when buy, make us better use, let us later maintenance is convenient.

First, the concept of seamless treatment of granite marble. In the overall grinding of granite marble, mechanical tools are used to clean the cutting slots between granite marbles, and then repair glue is used for filling, so that granite marbles form an overall effect, avoid gap pollution, and improve the decorative quality. Such a process is called seamless treatment of granite marble. Granite marble seamless treatment, divided into wall treatment and ground treatment, ground treatment in the application of more.

Two, seamless processing, to solve the problem. Seamless treatment of granite marble on the ground is an essential step in the overall grinding. Seamless treatment can solve the following problems in the application of granite marble:

1. Prevent gap pollution. If not do seamlessly with granite, marble, in everyday use, plank the gaps between the has become a dirty place, a large amount of dust, dirt retention, on the other hand, the water in the daily clean, will be stranded in the gap, and the combination of all kinds of pollutants, causing pollution of granite, marble, pathological changes, and many other follow-up questions.

2. Functional requirements. In daily use, if seamless treatment is not done, granite marble will be easily broken, lack of edges and corners and other problems after heavy rolling and knocking. Through seamless treatment, granite marble can be effectively protected.

3. Decorative requirements. On the one hand, seamless treatment of granite marble can make a large area of granite marble form an overall effect, and also lay a good foundation for subsequent crystallization and polishing. On the other hand, it can reduce the pollution caused by plate gaps, which is of great significance to the improvement of the quality of granite marble decorations.

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