Black Basalt

Black Lava Rock Aquarium

Regular Material : Black lava rock
Brand: Eastwood stone
Usage: Decoration for garden
Loading Port: FOB XIAMEN
MOQ:  One container, small trail orders are also welcome.
Payment terms: T/T or Paypal
Package: Strong Fumigated wooden crates.


1. Production Details

Black lava rock is a porous aquascaping stone. This lightweight stone can range from a dark black to reddish-brown coloration. The porosity makes it suitable for use as aquarium filtration as the tiny holes provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.  Since lava rocks are very porous, they can act as caves for your fish. These rocks are very light, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking your aquarium glass.

Black Lava Rock Aquarium

If you want the plants and fish in your aquarium to live in a healthy environment, lava rocks are a great idea. Lava rocks are covered by holes and pores that have beneficial bacteria, which is called denitrifying bacteria. These bacteria can help in keeping normal nitrogen cycles in your aquarium. These bacteria help break nitrate to form oxygen and nitrogen and help your fish grow in a cleaner and much healthier environment. If you have small fish, you would know how much they love caves. They use them as resting places so it’s a good idea to have some in your fish tank.

Black Lava Rock Aquarium

The black lava formed by the high temperature of a volcano has many hidden benefits for aquariums that many hobbyists don’t even know about, it’s perfect for providing an ideal living environment for your aquarium because it contains beneficial denitrifying bacteria. This bacteria will improve your water quality by multiplying and then removing nitrates.

Black Lava Rock Aquarium

2More Information

Products Name Black lava rock aquarium
Surface Finish Natural split, etc.
Extra treatment Spraying water first.
Thickness Various thickness
Color Black, red, etc.
Size Dia 5-10cm, 10-15cm, etc.
Feature With denitrifying bacteria to keeping normal nitrogen cycles in your aquarium.
Application Decoration for aquarium, etc.

3.  Eastwood Team& Activity  

We have the travel holidays with one week time during Christmas festival every year, about 25~31th Dec, the travel destinations contain famous domestic attractions and foreign scenic area, for example, Fuji Mountain of Japan, Opera House of Sydney, Windmill of Amsterdam, Cologne Cathedral of Germany, Etc. The most interesting is the longer working time in our company, the more further away you can make on the destination. The road ahead is full of challenges and opportunities, just like life.

4. FAQ

1) Q: Can I check the sample first?

A: We can send a piece stone to you for reference the quality and color, etc. By the way, we will send the free sample with collect freight.


2)Q: What’s the specific location of your factory?

A:Our factory is situated at the city of QUANZHOU, it takes about 50 minutes from XIAMEN International Airport, we do believe coronavirus epidemic would be finished very soon this year.


3) Q: Do you have many certificates ?

A: Yes, Eastwood Mr. BLACK Granite had passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. The Black Granite Pavers have CE certification and SGS. The granite stone have been widely exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

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