Black Granite Countertops

Black White Granite Slabs and Patterns for Bathroom

Product Name: Black White Granite Slabs And Patterns For Bathroom
Original: China
Size: Customized sizes
Surface Finishing: Polished, Honed, Leathered etc
MOQ: 100m2
Shipment Terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal etc
Applications: Flooring, walling etc


Detail Information

Nowadays Black White Granite gets more and more popular. Eastwood Stone mainly provide two exclusive quarries. One is New virginia mist Granite and the other one is River Black Granite. They are famous for its movable veins and strips in the very black background.

Natural Granite Agatha Black Granite For Countertops Blackground


Nowadays many building designers apply our Black And White Granite Slabs as wall decoration and tables. It is a big slabs, which is easy to install and make a felling a mountain with flowing water, modern and atmospheric. Nature and home are integrated. Customers can choose their favorite board textures to match their own house. Each slabs is exclusive and sole.

Natural Granite Agatha Black Granite For Countertops Blackground

Is it too boring to have single size for tiles and pavers? You can buy Black And White Granite Patterns for us. The most popular patterns are French pattern and Ashlar pattern as bellowing sizes in 1 1/4” (3cm) thickness for example. We cut them in different thickness upon your request.

Sizes in Inches Sizes in cm
11.5″x11.5″x1 1/4″ 29.2 29.2 3
11.5″x17.5″x1 1/4″ 29.2 44.5 3
11.5″x23.5″x1 1/4″ 29.2 59.7 3
17.5″x17.5″x1 1/4″ 44.5 44.5 3
17.5″x23.5″x1 1/4″ 44.5 59.7 3
23.5″x23.5″x1 1/4″ 59.7 59.7 3
23.5″x35.5″x1 1/4″ 59.7 90.2 3

What we cut for bathroom in black and white granite? Black And White Granite Bathroom can filled with flooring, walling, vanity tops, bath tub and sinks. They are available in honed, polished, leather. The white grains and veins in the black stone will add a lively atmosphere to the bathroom, allowing you to feel natural and relaxed.

Natural Granite Agatha Black Granite For Countertops Blackground

Report of our Black White Granite for customers’ reference.

Density: 2.78-3.15 (G/CM3)
Absorption: 0.087%
Dry Compressive Strength: 145 Mpa
Saturated Compressive Strength: 117 Mpa
Saturated Elastic Modulus: 3.17 (10^4 Mpa)
Dry Flexural Strength: 15.2(10 Mpa)
Saturated Flexural Strength: 13.8 Mpa
Shore Hardness: 76
Acid Resistance: 99.37%
Alkali Resistance: 100%


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