Brilliant Black Quartzite Countertops

Material: Brilliant Black Quartzite
Country of origin: Brazil
MOQ : 100 sqm
Delivery Time: 10-15 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C , Western Union, PayPal


Quartzite is born from the intense forces of pressure, high temperature, compression, and violent plate collisions that occurred at the Earth’s crust millions of years ago. Comprised of hardened sandstone and featuring an interlocking, crystalline structure, quartzite is one of the most physically durable stones found on the planet. Due to its unique internal structure and inclusions of quartz, quartzite emits a decorative, shimmering appearance. With proper sealing, quartzite kitchen countertops are lower maintenance than other natural stones and naturally resistant to heat, stains, and UV rays, making them perfect for residential and commercial applications like kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas.

Brilliant Black Quartzite Countertops

Because of their exceptional versatility, incredible color combinations, and long-lasting resilience, quartzite countertops are quickly becoming a highly sought-after material for homes and commercial buildings across the world. Its low maintenance makes it perfect for busy homeowners or families with children, all while instilling a look and feel of luxury and beauty to the space.

Quartzite Countertop Colors

In the market, there are numerous shades of colors and designs of this mineral countertop. Among these shades, the popular ones include White Quartzite, and pink Quartzite.

Brilliant Black Quartzite Countertops Brilliant Black Quartzite Countertops


Benefits of Quartzite Countertops


It is interesting to know what are the benefits of enticing customers in choosing quartzite over granite and quartz. To unlock this mystery, here are some of the important benefits you can get from having a quartzite countertop.

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