Black Granite Tiles

Matte Finish Mongolian Black Granite

Type:Mongolian Black Granite
Color: Black
Surface Finishing: Matt
Loading Port: China port
Min. Order: 50 (Square Meters)
Packaging Detail: Fumigated Strong Wooden Crate Suitable For Sea and Air.
Delivery Detail: 1 container about 7~10 days
Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,Others
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C , Western Union, PayPal


Mongolia  Black Granite Matte Finish is the same as honed finish.What is honed finish then? The surface is smooth but no gloss. Our auto-machine will grind on the surface from grits #50, then #100, then #300, then #800 to get honed finish.

Mongolia Black granite is the best quality of black stone, the best hardness, the brightest black stone.   It belongs to the diabase gabbro in the magmatic rock is dark black, dominated by plagioclase and pyroxene, crystalline fine grain structure, massive structure, pure black shiny.


 Quarry Location: Mongolian black was first produced in Chifeng of Inner Mongolia, Jianping of Liaoning Province, and later in Jining of Inner Mongolia and other places of basalt mining, are called Mongolian black

Block Sizes: This is a very large black granite quarry, Mongolia Black Granite is quarried at the lowest levels and therefore much more difficult to extract, the lower the level in the pit the more difficult it is to extract owing to the lack of work space. Granite blocks suitable for gangsaw size down to economical tile-sized and monument blocks are available however there is always a big demand for these blocks therefore for larger projects it is extremely important to give us considerable advanced notice. Extraction commenced in the very early 70s. For commercial projects it is important to ensure that blocks are selected from the same quarry face, do not try and match-up with alternative black granite sources.

QC Control: We have an experienced and professional QC team. Once an order confirmed, our factory arranges to produce order within 3~4 days , we will appoint a QC to supervise from Black Granite block selected till finished product loaded properly into container. During production process, our QC will carefully inspect piece by piece to ensure correct thickness, measure, flatness and goniometry. We also will send processing photo and inspecting photos for our customer checking and approval before packing. Once there is any quality issue, we can find and resolve in time, to assure our customers receive the satisfactory


Eastwood Black Granite passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. Our Black Granite Tiles have CE certification and SGS. They have been widely exported to more than 60 countries around the world with proven quality.

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