Black Granite Countertops

New American Black Granite Countertop Islands

Material Type: New American Black granite
Primary Color: Black
Family: American Black granite, Virgina Mist granite
Variations: Medium
Place Of Origin: China
Min. Order: Small trial order is available to us
Packing: Strong seaworthy wooden crates


American black granite kitchen is a beautiful black granite that has a lot going on. It is quite popular among our customers for countertop, island and something different for the perimeter of their kitchen and vice versa. It is a very bold statement and will gain lots of compliments as well as appreciation.


How to clean a black granite countertop?

Cleaning kitchen with black granite countertop is straightforward and simple. It requires low maintenance and cleaning levels. Below are some cleaning tips to take enough care with your black granite countertop.

New American Black Granite Countertop IslandsNew American Black Granite Countertop Islands

1.Use a neutral pH dishwashing solution

2.Use a non-abrasive cloth for wiping the surface

3.You can also spray little amounts of acetone or alcohol in your black granite countertop to disinfect and remove soft stains.

4.Usually granite countertops for kitchen do not require sealing maintenance due to its high density and resistance to stain.

5.For honed black granite countertops, you can use some wax or oil to create a shiny and rich obsidian appearance on your black granite kitchen worktops.

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