Black Slate

Black Slate Tiles

Product Name: Black Slate Tiles
Type: Black Slate
Color: Black
Finish: Honed, Natural Split
Application: Floor Paving For Outdoor and Indoor
Loading Port: China Ports
Packaging : Fumigated Wooden Crates


Black Slate quarry is located in Jiujiang city , Jianxi Province, China.  It is a slab-like rock structure.  There is basically no recrystallized rock. It is originally argillaceous, silty neutral tuff rock, which is exfoliated along the slab directionOver the years, many facts have proved that natural stone has become one of the most popular flooring materials. They have some potential properties and are very suitable for bathroom floor materials.Black Slate, as a natural stone, has inherent characteristics that make it an ideal  floor material.

Black Slate Tiles Black Slate Tiles Black Slate Tiles

Black Slate Tiles

Black Slate Tiles

Black Slate Tiles is a durable slate that can be used in interior and exterior applications. It is a deep black stone with beautiful natural gray movement that makes any space very sophisticated. Black Slate is perfect for the black color trend,it’s an excellent tile flooring choice for outdoor walkways and paths, as well as indoor rooms.

Black slate tiles are available in a wide variety of tile sizes and has low variations and veining.  This black slate tile is available in honed and natural finishes.


Honed Surface Black Slate Tiles


Natural Surface Black Slate Tiles

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Advantages Of Black Slate

Good Features: Natural Black Slate tiles are environment-friendly, anti-frozen, durable, anti-slip, easy for care.

Very economical: It is of nice natural looking but with low cost. Among all black stones, black slate is the cheapest one.

Wide usages: wall panels and veneers, stacked stones, gate pillars, mosaic meshed tiles, paving tiles, stepping stones, roofing tiles, cheese boards, billiard boards, table tops, flagstones, pool copings, wall copings, small articles, etc.

Easy for safe transportation: they are very flexible, and thus can be directly packed into fumigated wooden crates without damage even for very thin roofing slate like 5-7mm.

Big tiles are available: 800×800 or 1000×1000 can be made with super competitive price.

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