Black Terrazzo

Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo

Product Name: Black Terrazzo And White Terrazzo
Material: Terrazzo
Color: Black, White in various shades and designs
Original: China
Surface Finishing: Polished
MOQ: 100m2
Shipment Terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal etc
Applications: Flooring, walling, sink, tops etc


Detail Information

Terrazzo (also called grindstone) is a product made by mixing crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates into cement binder to make a coagulated product and then grinding and polishing the surface. The terrazzo made of cement bonding material is called inorganic grindstone, and the terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material is also called epoxy grindstone or organic grindstone. According to the construction and production process, the terrazzo is divided into on-site terrazzo and prefabricated terrazzo ground. We produce big selections of various colors, such as white, black, black and white, blue, red, rainbow, multicolor etc. We would like to present some simple but best sold colors of Terrazzo to you.

Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo


Black And White Terrazzo Floor is a color mix black with white. It is good for flooring tiles. We can fabricated them in different shades of black and white, which can be fine grains or rough big grains. They are suitable for kitchen and bathroom flooring tiles and wall tiles.

Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo

Most of stones in black are expensive. If you want to adopt black materials for your home decoration. The Terrazzo Black is a good choice for saving cost. Black Terrazzo Black calm and atmospheric, dignified and solemn, whether it is the superposition and rendering of the same color system, or the composition of cp with simple white, it can produce strong visual tension.

Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo

As far as we know, There is rare natural stones in blue color. That means it is very luxury and expensive to order a blue stone for your house. Our Blue Terrazzo can realize your blue dream but in very favor cost. We manufacture dark blue, light blue, diamond blue, azure blue, ocean blue etc. They are with low cost color-to-color parquet, and convenient construction.

Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo

Advantages of Terrazzo

As modern technology improves, the new type of terrazzo is economical and practical, which not only greatly improves the aesthetics, but also durable. In addition, it is lighter than natural stone, so when installed on the second or third floor, you don’t have to worry about being overweight. It is favored by many places. Now the new type of terrazzo is loved by the majority of designers and owners, and it will definitely usher in a new wave of use.

Nowadays, new terrazzo can be prefabricated and poured on site. Prefabricated terrazzo is very easy to install and construct and is similar to ceramic tiles. New terrazzo can be used more widely than traditional terrazzo. Almost all households that use tiles and floors can be replaced with new terrazzo. Of course, terrazzo is better, and the price is probably between tile and marble. Of course, most terrazzo is more economical.

Black Terrazzo and White Terrazzo

How We Control Quality Before shipment?

Eastwood Stone (Black Granite) has a professional export Quality Inspection Team, which consists of members with over 20 years Export QC experience. Once the order in process, our QC team will keep their eyes on the production from the very beginning to end. We always inspect products piece by piece to ensure the orders are produced upon customers’ order list. Meanwhile, we will do export reports with products specification, finishes, quantities and photos of products, packing photos for your confirmation before shipment. Lastly you will receive photos of container loading by our shipment department.

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