Application of granite

Natural granite is igneous rock, also call acid crystalline plutonic rock, it is a kind of rock with the most extensive distribution in igneous rock, belong to hard stone material, by feldspar, quartz and mica composition, its composition is given first place to silica, occupy about 60%-75%. The rock is hard and dense, and can be divided into pegmatite, coarse grain and fine grain according to the size of its crystal particles. The quality of granite depends on its mineral composition and structure. The granites of good quality have fine and even crystal particles, less mica but more quartz, and no pyrite.

To kitchen ambry character, it already practical beautiful. Since the 1980s, with the widespread use of diamond processing tools, granite processing has changed from difficult to easy, and the output and dosage have increased rapidly. By 1995, the output and dosage of granite in China had doubled that of marble, and it has become the most foreign-exchanged commodity among building materials export commodities. The sheet is cut into sheet by the transverse cutting machine

Regardless of the sink style you choose, granite manufacturers will charge additional fees if cutting is required. Therefore, you should try not to buy granite countertops of the same color as the sample. Some workers leave cracks around the granite trough, but due to the long-term infiltration of water, it will gradually be destroyed. Granite is a natural material, which has been used all over the world for hundreds of years, but it has been used for home decoration for nearly 40 years

Polish white granite stone products are mainly used for building indoor and outdoor decoration, such as indoor, outdoor metope, ground the place such as cylinder, dado, stair, can also be used to bar, walls, steps, and Bridges, DAMS, paved road, city sculptures making decorative feature of c, such as polished granite plate is splendid and solemn, rough surface characteristics of granite plate is dignified and straightforward should be used according to select different physical properties and surface decoration effect of granite

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