Granite marble is used to avoid moisture

Granite marble is used to avoid moisture. In the use of granite marble, must avoid the impact of water on granite marble, water can cause damage to the use of granite marble, produce lesions, so in the use of granite marble in the process must avoid water.

Granite marble is a very beautiful building decoration material, if we use granite marble stone in the decoration of the villa, it can improve the temperament of the villa, increase the natural flavor of the building of the primitive simplicity. Although the decorative effect of granite marble is very good, and very hard, but if not good maintenance of it, it will also make the granite marble damaged in advance, become unusable. The usual symptoms of granite marble, such as blotches, freeze-thaw, white bloom, moss and so on, are often caused by water. If we do not treat stone products with disease, as time goes by, stone will become pathological changes because of temporary lesions. The stone cannot be restored to its original appearance. In serious cases, it may cause the stone to break and become unusable.

If we don’t want to let the granite marble damage in advance, then we will make the granite marble out of touch with excessive moisture, we can use the polishing technology to reduce stone material contact with water, but due to the disadvantages of stone wax, so we do not use where traffic is not much stone wax, and before using stone wax to consult a good method of use.

We can also use stone protective agent to protect granite marble. However, stone is a material that is afraid of acid and alkali. If stone products are exposed to acid or alkali protective agent for a long time, the surface of stone will be corroded.

When using granite marble, if there is water damage to granite marble, we must use the correct way to deal with, to avoid damage to granite marble again. I hope the questions we’ve covered above have helped you.

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