Black stone countertop maintenance skills

Black stone processing into the mesa, often be used by everyone, so how should we do the maintenance of the table face plate? Here are some tips:

(1) The surface should be kept dry. If there is water stain on the surface, it should be cleaned in time. If there is acid solution attached to the stone surface, it can be washed with soapy water and then wiped dry with a soft cloth.

(2) Table to keep clean, if there is a stain should be cleaned in time, for stubborn stains, can choose stone cleaning agent cleaning (remember not to use acid alkaline cleaning agent cleaning)

(3) Do not put the hot pot or other hot objects directly on the stone surface. If you must put, you can put a mat on the stone surface. Because the high temperature will cause stone damage.

(4) Do not put sharp objects on the stone counter to prevent scratch damage on the stone surface, which will affect the beauty of Sichuan black stone.

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