Black granite marble maintenance knowledge

Black granite marble is more and more used in the decoration design, we may not be clear about how to correct maintenance, we will understand the next road together. In general, we can be divided into two aspects for maintenance: daily cleaning and regular maintenance.

Daily cleaning

1. Usually, the stone surface can be cleaned only by using a soft towel. For the dirty positions, you can use water and add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent, and clean the stone surface after uniform adjustment, mainly keeping no stains on the stone surface.

2. After local water stains or general stains occur on the stone surface, wipe it clean with a wet towel and then dry it with a damp towel.

3. If you accidentally remove colored stains such as ink, color or chewing gum, you should immediately remove the dirt on the surface of the stone with a clean soft towel and wipe it clean.

Precautions: When cleaning stone material needs detergent, do not use strong acid or alkaline detergent, so as not to cause damage to stone material.

Maintenance of granite marble

1. Black granite marble also needs regular maintenance. Daily cleaning alone cannot keep the luster of stone material, so it is necessary to regularly ask professional stone material maintenance personnel for stone material maintenance.

2 remember not to wax stone at will, black granite marble belongs to natural stone will breathe freely, if wax at will, cause stone respiration wool stoma obstruction, then stick on the dust will produce wax, make stone yellow, affect stone beauty.

3. Always keep it ventilated and dry. Stone is afraid of environmental humidity is too big. Water vapor can produce to stone material hydration, hydrolysis reach carbonic acid action, produce water spot, whiten, weather, denudate, rust yellow wait for all sorts of pathological changes, blight stone material, because this installs stone material place to want to keep ventilated and dry often.

This is the end of the black granite marble maintenance knowledge, to want to stone service life more long, we should do a good job in a timely manner of stone maintenance work, so that the stone surface always maintain luster bright.

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