Chinese black marble seal process

Marble is widely used as a high-end building decoration material, so how should we ensure that the natural texture of the stone surface is not polluted during the installation process of Chinese black stone, but also have waterproof measures? Here’s a look at the techniques for installing and sealing Chinese black marble:

1. Without sealant, air convection will form on the back of Chinese black stone, which will discharge steam out of the room to prevent temperature difference from forming on the surface of Chinese black stone, so that water will not condense on the inner surface of the stone.

2. The semi-seam sealing type is to keep the external elevation in the position of no sealant. The external elevation has a good stereoscopic feeling, and the adhesive layer is actually hidden inside the node. To ensure that the sealant thickness should be about 6mm, but not more than the width, the width should be calculated according to the quality of the sealant decided.

3. Use neutral sealing silicone rubber, which is a special adhesive for Chinese black stone, to seal all the joints of the facade, so that the rainwater of the facade cannot enter the back of Chinese black granite stone, making the stone in a tight dry state, ensuring the bending strength and shear strength of the stone remain unchanged.

When sealing Chinese black stone, we should pay attention to its “breathability”. Natural stone will breathe, and the moisture inside the stone needs to evaporate into the external environment through the gap.

When sealing the Chinese black stone, the sealant is used to fill the pores or crystal gaps of the granite without spilling onto the surface of the stone, and the ultimate purpose of the seal is to prevent liquid penetration and staining.

Also, avoid using acrylic sealants or macerators as they can clog the pores and kill bacteria, completely blocking the flow of water in the stone, which can lead to cracking if the stone gets wet inside. If the sealant is overused and not removed properly, leaving it wet at all times, the Chinese black stone under the sealant will fade and fade.

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