Causes of pollution and infringement of sesame black stone

The reasons for the pollution and infringement of sesame black stone, sesame black stone is now used for decoration. The decoration of sesame black stone is mainly for the purpose of beauty. However, after a long time of use, some problems will occur in the sesame black stone, which is easy to be polluted and form stains, rust spots or color changes. This kind of circumstance greatly affected the beauty of sesame black stone material, and what are the reasons for these problems?

Sesame black stone is cut into wool board by sand saw, if the surface is washed by water and not clean, more or less sticky iron chips, storage time is longer, then the surface of wool board rusts. The carbon dioxide in the air, sulfurous acid gas dissolved in the rain, will corrode the sesame black stone stone material, making it lose luster.

Because sesame black stone has micro pores and water penetrates into the interior, the anchoring reinforcement rusts and oozes iron, causing rust spots. Wet stick installation, the plate and concrete contact, encounter water alkaline solution seepage stone surface, after its dry, often form alkaline crystalline substance attached to the stone surface, that is, the so-called anti-alkali phenomenon (Baihua), commonly known as “runny nose”, “shed tears”, make stone pollution discoloration.

Sesame black stone encounters the water with soluble salt distribution, and is especially affected by it. Therefore, the stone at the seaside is more likely to change in color due to the change of dry and wet salt solution caused by wind erosion. Corrosion. Organic matter, such as moss, fungi, algae color, lichen and other growth, so that the stone surface formed a variety of color spots, some organic matter in the city in order to survive, have to fight against sulfide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide in the air, and will change the texture of stone.

Sesame black stone in the use of these problems in the process of trust is all trouble, have different problems for different reasons, there are different means of cleaning, general cleaning method for cleaning, renovation, polishing and some other methods, if you have further to understand sesame black stone can consult our staff, I’m very glad to can answer for you.

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