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Granite Marble Requires Attention

What problems does granite marble need to pay attention to at ordinary times? Its maintenance is relatively important. Only regular maintenance can ensure the practicability of our stone materials. The maintenance of granite pavement stone is really a very headache, it is in the outdoor environment for a long time, to taste all kinds of wind and sun, it is difficult to taste more than the usual stone, it is precisely because of this will let us have such a question.

It is precisely because of this that we have such a question, how to maintain the granite curb stone in the end? What is the best protection for the color of the granite kerb? In this respect, the following xiaobian will give you a brief introduction.

The first top aspect is that we want to do regular cleaning of its appearance, this of course does not need our maintainers to operate, every day sanitation workers in the cleaning time are able to operate on its.

The second point is that we should reasonably choose high quality, efficient, neutral, high safety maintenance agent in the maintenance process, can not choose and buy those defective maintenance agent in the market, so not only will not play a protective role, but still will play the opposite role.

The third point is that we should consider before maintenance is not the use of functional comprehensive maintenance agent, such as the same maintenance agent has multiple effects, so we do not have to worry about maintenance can not reach the protective effect.

The fourth point is that once we find out that there are impurities on the surface of granite curb stone, we should timely eradicate it, to ensure the cleanliness of the surface of granite curb stone.

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