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How To Test Granite Marble

With how to test the granite, marble, granite, marble application more and more widely, people constantly improve the requirement for the granite, marble and so on various aspects, inspection specifications is for granite marble is we need attaches great importance to the understanding of the work, it’s easy to quickly choose the high quality granite, marble, specific how should operate?

The variety, anticorrosion, specification, shape, flatness, size, finish, color and pattern of the facing granite marble must conform to the requirements of the plan, and have the product certificate. Inspection method: observe and check the size; View raw material certificate and test report. Check the granite marble trim panel installation is firm. It is necessary for the quantity, specification, orientation, connection method and anti-corrosion treatment of the embedded parts (or post-embedded parts) and connection parts of the decoration panel installation project to conform to the planning requirements. It is necessary for the site drawing strength of the embedded parts to conform to the planning requirements. It is necessary for the panel device to be strong.

Inspection method: hand lever to check; On-site drawing test shows that the surface layer of granite marble and the base should be firmly installed. The surface layer and the base shall be firmly installed; It is necessary to fit the requirements of the plan and the current relevant specifications, carbon steel accessories shall be treated with rust prevention and corrosion prevention. Welding points should be treated with corrosion protection. Inspection method: observation; View certificate of Competency.

Granite marble inspection specification that is we need to pay attention to grasp the work, only in this way our granite marble can better use appeared in front of our eyes, granite marble processing method are many, each manufacturer processing method is different, become the construction industry granite, marble, especially a kind of stone material is commonly used in road construction.

The above is a small series to explain to you about the granite marble of a method of inspection, we also have to have a good maintenance after the purchase.

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