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Briefly Describe The Maintenance Of Granite Curb Stones In Summer

How to maintain our granite curb stones in summer? In summer, the weather is hot, and the amount of rain is very high. At this time, the most important factor of the maintenance of granite curb stones is how to maintain and maintain the granite curb stones in summer. Small make up before also talked about marble and other stone material maintenance methods, they also have the same, let small make up to tell you about it below.

Usually protect heavy detail: besides moisture, the corrosion of dirt to granite roadbed stone also cannot ignore, consumer did not ignore to use a few dust-proof, dust-removing deserve to act the role of. Vacuuming pads are an excellent choice. Dust mat can reduce dust, prevent indoor damage on the ground. Dust often, even when a vacuum pad is used. Usually can be used gentle detergent or stone cleaning stone road along the stone surface, scour and wipe clean. Experts recommend that cleaning agents should not be distributed, especially if they are mixed with bleach and ammonia, which can cause toxic gases and can be fatal in severe cases.

The symptoms of granite kerbstone can be divided into two categories: one is that the stone micropores are occupied by foreign bodies, while the microstructure of the stone itself has not been significantly damaged, manifested as yellow spot, water mark, water mark, oil spot and so on. Professional cleaning is the preferred method for these conditions. The other is that the stone microstructure has been certain degree of damage, performance for appearance loss of light, holes, cracks, etc., about this kind of granite pavement stone lesions question, usually need to maintain the stone.

Summer do not neglect the maintenance and maintenance of granite roadsides, we need to maintain the maintenance of the site to deal with before the maintenance, must look at the weather forecast, look at the weather conditions. The rain will wash away the granite curb stones we have just maintained, so there will be no maintenance effect, so we need to make reasonable arrangements.

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