How to make the full preparation for stone products transportation?

Everyone in the stone industry knows that the transportation cost of stone is extremely expensive. Therefore, for the stone transportation, we are always doing our best to reduce loss and damage to maintain the quality of the stone.

The most common methods of stone transportation are: road transportation, water transportation, and rail transportation. When choosing transportation methods, we should try our best to understand and compare the characteristics of different transportation methods.

In the process of loading and unloading and transportation of stone, a series of accidents such as car damage, casualties, and stone damage will occur due to lack of experience and carelessness. Therefore, you must be prepared when transporting stone. These preparations are all to ensure safety and preparedness.

1.According to the different conditions during transportation, such as the size of the specification, the distance of the distance, the quality of the stone, and the method of transportation, make the following preparations:

1) Preparation for handling

2) The white and easily polluted stone cannot be tied with straw rope

3) The stone must have shielding tools during long-distance transportation to prevent exposure to the sun, rain and wind.

4) Precious and small-sized finished products, protect the acute angles, and pack them in cartons or wooden boxes.

5) Use fresh wood to firmly nail the large-size plates

6) The floor where the stone is placed must be hard and flat to prevent ground collapse, tilting of the iron frame, collapse of the stone, and breakage

7) The slats can be bundled with iron wire and wooden slats.

8) The truck can not be overload, if possible, do buy the insurance, and it is very important point.

9) Keep the truck wagon or cabin to be clean, and the place should be no contaminated places.

 2. Precautions for transportation

1)When the stone is transported remotely, such as trucks, ships, etc. If the tonnage is large, it can be divided into containers or open-air arches. When the running speed is fast, because of the large inertia, the stone cannot be arranged horizontally when hanging and should be erected along the running direction to reduce losses.

2)Road truck transportation is the most common and accidents are the most common, so choose a good car and never let a sick car go on the road. When loading, the smooth and thick plates should be placed forward or on the bottom layer. The finished product or thin board is placed on the upper layer or behind, and each layer should be separated by wooden strips to reduce the breakage. Separate loading of people and goods, and it is strictly forbidden for people to ride on vehicles carrying stone.

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