The G684 waterproof must be taking oil sealer

As we know,waterproof/sealer finish are quite critically important for natural stone and the sealer can divided into 2 kind,one is water sealer,the other is oil sealer.

The water sealer is suitable for most of black granite and black pearl basalt,since the texture of two stone themselft are durable and indestructible,they are very lower water adsorption.

However,we are meeting the problem for G684 wall stones,water sealer is Not workable any more,because it come up many visible watermarks after the finish,and watermarks seems are quite angly,like diry stains,pls see the inspection image. 

To avoid these situations, finally we had find the solution of taking oil sealer to cover watemarks,because the G684

is belong to basalt stone,there are many pin holes with so much higher water absorption,it could be absorping oil sealer very quickly.

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