How to quickly clean the sesame black stone surface oil

How to quickly clean up sesame black stone material surface oil, sesame, black stone is now in the construction industry to be bestowed favor on newly, sesame, black stone improved dramatically with the emergence of indoor and outdoor decorating style, beautiful and do not break the atmosphere, for sesame black stone material such as dirt on the surface of the cleaning is not as easy to seep into the stone in place inside the lesions caused by, so how to quickly clean up sesame oil on the surface of the black stone?

In order to ensure the thorough removal of oil on the surface, we should distinguish the types of oil, the most common in life is lampblack and liquid oil, in fact lampblack is relatively easy to clean, we can only use a neutral oil cleaner can be clean

Fruit is caused by liquid oil relative to avoid trouble, so we should be immediately wiped clean, with dedicated neutral oil cleanser, if have entered inside of sesame black stone, remember to use detergent soak for 10 minutes, reoccupy hard some hair brush, repeated several times basic can obtain good effect

The above is to introduce the cleaning method of oil stains on the surface of sesame black stone. If you are troubled by these problems, I hope the above information can help you. If you want to know more details about sesame black stone, please follow our company website or contact our staff.

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