How to deal with the color difference problem of sesame black stone

How to deal with the color difference problem of sesame black stone? Now more and more buildings use sesame black material as the main decorative material. Sesame black stone is widely used, but it is hard to avoid that color and lustre is not uniform in the process of paving, there is the case of color difference, so how should we deal with this kind of situation? The following is to introduce the sesame black stone color difference processing.

This kind of problem can be weakened or make up for the deficiency of stone color difference through a certain method. Try to choose the sesame black stone with uniform color, uniform spots and uniform color, which can weaken the color difference from the source and make people ignore the color difference. However, choosing the stone with uniform color will also increase the cost relatively.

Polished sesame black stone material is used for dry hanging of the wall. Polished sesame black stone material has strong refraction of light and high reflectivity, which can form changeable reflection and easily cause visual impact and reduce color difference. This can better make up for the sesame black stone color difference.

Select the appropriate decorative collocation can solve the problem of color difference to a certain extent, according to the different size of decorative surface, decorative design experience with engineering features, etc., select large board or small board, can control the color difference of the board. Achieve a good decorative effect. In addition, you can also use decoration to make up for the color difference of sesame black stone. When the outer wall is dry, add decoration belt to make color collocation for the project. The collocation of different color and lustre, different craft, different material ratio, can form different level, change layout, strengthen beautiful appearance.

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