Surface treatment of Chinese black stone

As is known to all, Chinese black granite stone is a very practical stone, which has been widely used now. And the quality of the stone is very good, so the effect is obvious. Since it is a high quality stone, it also has a lot of features, so let’s see how to deal with it.

Stone surface treatment technology:

1. When dealing with the crystal surface of stone, it must be thoroughly cleaned and must be cleaned on the ground.

2. choose to lay particular stress on the crystal surface cleaning machine, because the ordinary brush machine is not enough.

3. Shake when using chemicals on stones.

4. Select the place to be cleaned and spray K2 crystal surface cleaner on the stone, 2 grams per square meter. Wipe the mechanical chassis evenly with a stainless steel wire pad. Until you see the transparent style.

5. Spray K3 glazing agent on the ground, and rub it evenly with the machine until it becomes a bright style.

When dealing with stone materials, we can follow the above method, which can deal with the surface of Chinese black granite stone well, and will not produce negative effect.

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