The difference between granite and marble

With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to the living environment, while marble and granite are often used in the house decoration, both are high-grade decorative materials, so how should we distinguish them? What are the advantages of each? Here’s a simple way to distinguish them:

Difference 1: stone material composition gap

Granite is igneous rock, usually made of volcanic materials such as magma, while marble is metamorphic rock, formed naturally from one type of rock to another by a mixture of minerals and high temperature and pressure. Granite belongs to hard stone material, its rock quality is hard and compacted, and marble belongs to medium hard stone material, usually by conspicuous decorative pattern, mineral grain is quite much also.

Difference 2: Hardness gap

Compared with marble, granite, hardness is higher, so more difficult processing, but its resistance to weathering erosion, not easy elegance metamorphism, in general appearance to maintain above one hundred, because half of them contain impurities and marble, and marble with calcium carbonate, are more susceptible to carbon in the atmosphere, the effect of carbon dioxide and water vapour, in turn, make its surface loses luster.

Difference 3: Application scope gap

Marble and granite is one of the most significant difference between the application scope of gap, marble to interior design in general, the granite is mostly used to outdoor, such as outdoor road, the road is covered with granite, such differences mainly because its radioactive decision, as a result of the granite marble more radioactive than the harm of human body, so its only to outdoors, and marble grain is relatively better, so more when used in interior design.

Distinction 4: stone material characteristic

Usually, you can distinguish marble and granite with your eyes. The marble pattern is rich and the color changes a lot, while the granite pattern is single and generally gray and white, so you can’t find significant pattern forming.

Difference 5: Price difference

Granite and marble, although all is high-grade stone material, the price gap is very big, because marble texture smooth, rich texture, more artistic features are more popular with consumers, usually it will cost depending on the origin of a few hundred to thousands of yuan, and a single granite design, adornment sex is not high, and because of their hard and it is not easy to damage the radioactive features such as only to outdoors, so its price is relatively cheap also usually in a few yuan to 300 yuan between.

Through the above five points I believe that you want to choose what kind of products also know. In general, more marble is used indoors, and more granite is used outdoors.

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