Sesame black stone in the use of cleaning agents when the attention to detail

Sesame and black stone pay attention to the details of when to use cleaner, sesame, black stone is a common natural stone, long after the installation of exposed to the air, dust and other impurities in the air, long time don’t clean up will be a layer of dust on the surface of sesame black stone accumulate, not only affect beautiful and more conducive to later use, but we in the use of cleaner sesame black stone still need to pay attention to some details.

For sesame black stone, we should choose the appropriate cleaning agent for cleaning, only the most suitable is the best, the suitable cleaning agent is not only remarkable cleaning effect, but also conducive to the extension of the life of sesame black stone

Nowadays, there are many kinds of cleaning agents in the market. We should choose the appropriate cleaning agent according to the characteristics of sesame black stone, because sesame black stone is afraid of acid and alkali, if it is in contact with the material with acid and alkaline. Chemical reactions may occur, resulting in the occurrence of yellow stone and other phenomena, so we should strictly prohibit the use of acid alkaline cleaning agent

During the use of sesame black stone, if there is tea or coffee on the surface, it should be cleaned in a timely manner, because it is very easy for them to penetrate into the interior of the stone. If they do, it will be difficult to deal with them, so we should deal with them in a timely manner

The above is to introduce the details of sesame black stone using cleaning agent. Sesame black stone is very popular in daily life. If you want to know more about sesame black stone, please contact the staff of our company or pay attention to our company website.

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