The stone decorative trinkets is new trend of popular decoration elements

Usually we are taking natural stone to make the decoration for the floor, wall, countertop and wall cladding, and you would be find the following item are made of stone if you are carefully enough, such as, necklace pendant, earrings, ring, bracelet, or even watches, home phones, wall clocks.

So, why does stone become a popular element of these small decorations? How does the designer incorporate stone into it?

Normally Italian designers are paying great attention to the quality of life and in pursuit of fashion and romanticism. This attempt was first put forward and implemented by them. Later, some domestic designers made related attempts, and they all got very good results, such as the well-known characteristic stone is blue ocean. The designed necklace pendant, its color and texture changes fully shinny everyone’s eyes, exquisite and unique, very suitable for women to wear in cool summer. We EASTWOOD STONE believe that the application of stone can be attributed to the following reasons:

Firstly, Fashion and trends must follow the regular law of design development.

Modern people are always seeking the elements of fashion trends, and constantly are searching fresh elements. Following the regular pattern of design development, if the designer’s work is to be deeply rooted in people’s hearts and gain a greater market share, he must be continue to make the innovation, should be searching for all beautiful things, transform them into different ways, and show the beauty in front of the world. Therefore, stone is fortunate to be one of them. Although the diamonds set on the pendant are dazzling, sometimes they seem too graceful and luxurious, and they are not as good as the natural texture of the stone and can be integrated into people’s lives.

Second, the characteristics of natural stone itself make widely application.

The demanding for natural stone in the decoration market is increasing, and it must have a unique value. The same principle can also be used for the decoration of small ornaments. The unique aesthetic value and historical and cultural value of natural stone itself are enough to attract the attention of the fashion industry. The colors are diverse, the texture is unpredictable, and some natural light transparent of stone onyx, Gloss and hardness. Take luxurious stone for example, it is quite few and precious, and some are so extreme rare, Not available to find 2 piece stone with the same color and style.

Third, the stone industry can make rational use of natural stone resources and increase the yield.

In most case, the building stone materials used have fixed specifications. Some specifications and characteristics will have much waste stone scraps, resulting in considerable waste. As a decorative element of ornaments, not much stone is needed. At this time, the resources of stone can be effectively used and processed into exquisite ornaments. However, the texture requirements for the decorative stone are relatively high, and not all stone scraps are suitable.

Fourth, processing technology is becoming more and more mature and more perfect.

Normally, marble stone can be processed into very thin boards, and also special crafts such as special-shaped processing and carving. In other words, as long as the designer have a conception, modern stone processing technology and processing equipment can be great help on the realization.

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