How to deal with the macula on the surface of granite marble

How to deal with the macula on the surface of granite marble? Granite marble serves as application more adornment stone material, basically use at the interior wall of pavement and ground. Granite marble because of its own iron content is high, after paving for a long time easy to appear after the phenomenon of spitting yellow, yellow spots formed on the surface. How can we better deal with these macula, so that granite marble can better decorate buildings? Today, I will analyze how to deal with the macula of granite marble:

Distinguish the kinds of granite marble macula. To distinguish the kinds of granite marble macula, make clear the cause of its formation, so as to better deal with.

Second, the processing of granite marble interior elements and cement, cardboard, wood pollution caused by yellow spots. If the macula is formed by the reaction between the internal elements of granite marble and cement and the macula is formed by the pollution of straw rope, cardboard and wood, in such cases, we first use the macula remover and then use the stone curing agent for protection to prevent the occurrence or deterioration of the macula.

Three, good treatment of granite marble because of the improper use of binder formation of yellow spots. For the use of marble glue or other adhesive improper formation of macula, can use the cloud stone scraper to remove the remaining surface of granite marble gelatinous, and then clean the contaminated stone surface with glue. At the same time, according to the degree of pollution can also be used to treat the method of grinding.

As can be seen from above, because of the formation of granite marble macula is different, so should be targeted at the processing method is different. Only using the right way of processing, in order to better ensure the decorative effect of granite marble, to give you a more beautiful visual enjoyment. Stone industry has been engaged in the production and processing of granite marble for many years, the factory has a large number of granite marble waste material, can meet the needs of customers in all directions, welcome customers to consult the factory at any time.

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