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A Brief Discussion On The Storage Mode Of Granite Marble

On the storage mode of granite marble, granite marble is very important for our life and its application in our life is also very extensive. Since the application in life is so wide, so we should know how the granite marble is preserved, now we understand it together, I believe we will have a great harvest.

Correct storage way of granite, marble, granite, marble in a large number of mining, transport, in the process of cutting and processing will certainly encounter a problem, how about granite marble deposit is better, because of shandong grey special nature, need better storage in the process of production and processing, today for everyone on the correct method of storage: granite, marble

1. In order to better protect granite marble, granite marble should be stored indoors. If the production is large and must be stored outdoors, tarpaulin should be used to cover the granite marble against wind, sun and rain.

2. When storing Shandong granite marble, the thick plate and glossy plate should be placed in the front or on the bottom, and the finished material or thin plate should be placed on the top and on the back. Wooden strips should be used to separate each layer to reduce impact and friction. This can make the storage of granite marble more complete.

3. When the shandong granite marble plates are placed in upright position, they should be relatively smooth and the tilt degree should not be more than 15°. The stack height should be 1.6m, and the underside and between layers should be supported by pollution-free elastic materials. The ground should level off and be solid, the cushion point between the layers should be on the same vertical line, the height of the stack should be 1m. After packing the product, the stow height should be 2m.

The above is the preservation of our granite marble, we in the process of using the maintenance of granite marble methods.

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