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How To Deal With Granite Marble Discoloration Problem

How to deal with granite marble discoloration problem? Granite marble because of its quality of a material performance, is chosen as building and adornment stone material, but no matter which kind of stone material, can appear because of time problem, or the problem such as chemical reaction change color problem, so how should deal with granite marble change color? The details are as follows:

1. When cleaning granite marble, avoid using acid clean water, because acid material is easy to dissolve stone containing iron, and then step and moisture, oxygen in the air reaction resulting in rust yellow;

2. During the installation of granite marble, the contact treatment of the iron embedded in the ground should be carefully treated to avoid the rust of iron and the diffusion of colored articles such as packaging boxes and oily liquids into the stone surface to form rust yellow.

3. During the installation of granite marble, carry out maintenance work to prevent water intrusion into stone, so as to avoid oxidation reaction between iron ore and water and oxygen in the air, resulting in rust yellow;

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