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Granite Stone Features

Granite stone is often touched in our daily life, and is also used by many people or decoration companies for home decoration design, why do we all like to use granite stone?

In ancient times because there is no perfect mining processing technology, thus is used more widely than granite, marble with the improvement of modern technology, granite stone meet the demand of people decorate gradually, so we know that granite has many other stone material cannot compare features, such as stiffness, granite stone is very hard, not to drop, not easy scratches, not afraid of heat, even using a knife to scrape is difficult to make its surface scars, and practical characteristics is not easy to fade, as long as a little bit understand stone material maintenance of common sense, or dark granite stone won’t characteristics. And the characteristic such as pollution of not easy suffer exterior condition is other stone material cannot compare.

At the same time, granite stone can also be like other stones for deep processing, such as polished surface, fire surface, sand blasting surface and so on. Can meet the use of more places, because of its hard durability so compared to other stone life longer, etc.

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