The types and introduction of Chinese black granite stones

As one of the high-end building materials, Chinese black granite stone has been widely promoted and used now. The following is a brief introduction of its types.

Firstly, according to its blackness, it can be divided into: China Black No. 1, China Black No. 2, And China Black No. 3. It is a very high yield stone species. 90 years ago began mining and export, at that time named China Black, English China Black, then other black stone mining and export, in order to make a difference, also named after the origin of Sichuan black, Yibin black, Hebei black.

These kinds of stone all belong to hard granite stone material, have hardness high, density big wait for a characteristic. Even using a knife can not scratch, the structure is fine granular with crystal structure, so its strength is relatively large, natural resistance (light, water immersion, heat expansion and cold shrinkage, natural environment of acid and alkali, weathering, etc.) strong.

No. 1 is not a large number of ore mining, only a small amount of concomitant material, fine black, but small material forming, color difference transition. A lot of them are 2 and 3.

No. 2 has better natural blackness, hardness and density than No. 3. It is mined early and the mining surface must reach a deep depth. It is difficult to mine, costly to mine, and the price is much higher than No. 3.

The number of No.3 mine is more abundant than No.2 mine, which is easy to be mined and has lower cost. In order to increase its blackness, it needs manual dyeing, which is mainly sold in China.

The main finished products of Chinese black granite stone are: table panel, tombstone, floor paving stone, wall, outdoor floor, indoor floor, etc.

The common processing methods of Chinese black granite are: polished surface, burned surface, litchi surface, natural surface, machine cut surface, antique surface, mushroom surface, pineapple surface, axe surface, etc

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