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Briefly Introduce The Selection Of Different Areas Of Black Granite Stone

How to choose different areas of granite stone? Granite stone is a kind of high-quality granite stone. Granite stone is used in different areas, but how to choose is a problem.

1. We should choose good quality Wulian red granite on the windowsill.

2. on the balcony laid granite, but must pay attention to the requirement of black granite anti-slip and wear resistance, there is a point when we choose, must pay attention to the color will not change. Share the small skill of indoor granite stone material choice, granite stone material from the choice to the protection of the later period, every step of this temporary has exquisite, if the user does not pay attention to, so granite stone will not show its attractive and beautiful side. Today I’d like to share with you some tips on how to choose granite stones for your interior.

The choice of granite stone should first observe the appearance of granite stone, the appearance of granite stone should not be rich in too many impurities, the color of black jinsha granite should also be simple, do not appear mixed color, good quality stone cloth color is particularly uniform; One is to detect the processing skill of stone material is pass a standard again, if stone material skill does not pass a standard, the stone material after processing can appear the scene with all sorts of different such as spot, craze, pit, warpage, so stone material does not deserve to be genuine, the demand when choosing pays attention to all the more.

Granite stone material has porosity, there are a lot of fine pores used to absorb water vapor, release moisture, granite multi-purpose in the street and road side of the pavement, it is hard to avoid too much water pollution, caused by lesions, such as cracks, rust spots, water stains, etc., so granite stone to avoid water wash or directly wipe with wet cloth.

Granite stone is afraid of acid, to avoid the use of neutral cleaning agent, to clean, excessive acid leads to granite stone yellow rust, corrosion of the mineral in granite, alkali will invade the granite and so on, leading to granite lesions.

The above is the relevant information for different granite stone area selection. If you want to buy granite stone, you can go to our factory for purchase. We will have low price and look forward to cooperating with you for high-quality products.

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