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To Understand The Four Characteristics Of Good Quality Granite Kerb

Understand the 4 characteristics of high-quality granite kerbstones. Everyone knows that granite kerbstones can not only prolong their service life, but also can adorn the environment well. The 4 characteristics of high-quality granite kerbstones are as follows:

1. First of all, you can observe the surface of the stone through your eyes. The surface of good quality granite kerbstone will not contain variegated colors, color series, there are uneven, angular, subtle cracks, warping, etc., such as granite kerbstone is a stone. Glossiness is good, the building that USES granite road edge stone to decorate is gorgeous, beautiful and easy. Can be in the scenic area, roadside decoration construction

2. High-quality granite kerbstones often have a greasy feel on the surface, crystal clear, precise arrangement, smooth to the touch, high brightness.

3. We all know that you get what you pay for, so the specific price should refer to the price of local granite curb stones. The granite curb stones with high price should be of good quality, not cheap.

4. High-quality granite kerbstones are often those closely arranged stones. The closer the crystal arrangement is, the harder it is.

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