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A Brief Discussion On The Influence Of Granite Kerb On Cutting

What factors are easy to be influenced by granite curb stones in cutting? Granite curb stones play a great role in our life, but what factors are easy to be influenced by our manufacturers in making them? The following manufacturers will explain to you about the granite curb stone cutting is vulnerable to the impact.

1. Hardness of stone

In general, the higher the hardness of the stone, the more difficult processing, cutting tool wear is also large. The hardness of the processed granite roadstone is also high and the abrasion resistance is strong, so the cutting resistance is great and the diamond tool head consumes more.

2. Structure of stone materials

Generally speaking, stones with uniform grains are easier to process; Fine stone is of high quality after polishing; Dense stone is better than loose stone after polishing. Good ore crystallinity, and alignment direction, will improve the stone luster. The kerbstone structure to high density, uniform particles, ordered texture, so suitable for processing and cutting.

3. Mineral chemical composition

The mineral composition that the structure of stone material covers, different chemical composition, different when processing, for example marble main mineral is calcite, marble, its hardness interval is Mohs 3-4.5, but hardness is lower than granite, easy to cut. The main minerals of granite are quartz, feldspar and plagioclase, whose hardness is 6-7.5. The ease of cutting depends on the amount of quartz or feldspar, the less the easier to process. In terms of composition, silica content is high and cutting is difficult. The rock along the road is hard, and its mineral composition is of high hardness, so the friction resistance is greater when cutting.

Above is what the manufacturer explained to you about the impact of granite marble in cutting. Thank you for your attention to the information of granite roadsides. If you want to buy such products, welcome to choose our company, our products are reliable in quality, fair in price and guaranteed after sales. With good faith to ensure customers, with service moved customers, by the majority of customers to praise, if there is a need, welcome your call inquiry.

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