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Sesame Black Stone Parquet Need To Pay Attention To What Aspects

What aspects should sesame black stone parquet pay attention to? Now sesame black stone is more and more widely used, stone has also appeared a variety of patterns, greatly increasing the beauty of stone, we choose stone patterns often need to be splicing out, so what should we pay attention to when splicing these patterns?

Before the sesame black stone parquet shop, the surface of the parquet should be placed outwards and placed against the wall. Foam should be placed on the four corners to prevent the sharp corners from being damaged. It is strictly prohibited to press heavy objects on the surface. The application of high adhesion of cement or stone ceramic tile binder. The base surface shall be free from loose matter, grease, firm, smooth and clean. If the base is not flat, should be made flat with cement, reserve the whole piece of parquet thickness, binder thickness of 3-5 mm. With a sawtooth clay board, adjust the thickness and then paste, keep flat without empty drum.

The Mosaic of sesame black stone increased the ornamental value of stone material to a large extent, but in the laid is also should give attention to the above points, prevent stone in laid after the occurrence of problems.

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