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The Crystallizing Process Of Granite Marble

Almost all natural granite marble, no matter how carefully used, will have different degrees of scratches after a period of time, and slowly lose the luster, greatly affecting the original appearance of granite marble surface. It needs to be crystallized and polished. The crystallization process of granite marble:

1. Before we carry out the crystallization treatment of granite marble, we should first prepare some necessary materials and tools, such as white polishing pad, pad, red and white binding pad, water-absorbing machine, blister dryer, polishing machine, crystal agent, etc. We shall prepare the required materials and tools before we carry out the construction.

2, first we need to use the washing machine to the granite marble ground thorough cleaning, reoccupy marble glue to repair the gaps in the granite, marble, and then mix crystalline powder mixing purified water into a paste, and evenly daub is on the ground mat, then pour into crystallization reagents or crystal powder, cooperate with crystallizer in grinding, grinding after six to eight times, after granite marble surface forming a glossy crystal, the reuse water absorption machine granite marble floor absorb the remaining batter, then using a polishing pad for polishing processing, after the ground completely dry.

3. After finishing the crystallization treatment of granite marble, we should check whether the surface of granite marble is completely dry, clean and smooth, and whether there are cracks or uneven concave and convex on the crystallization surface.

The above is the flow of granite marble crystallization processing, granite marble ground because of the difference in quality of a material, the general situation about 2 months to do such maintenance, but the specific time to be determined by the degree of wear and tear on the surface of granite marble.

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