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Here Are Five Ways To Distinguish Granite Blocks From Marble

The difference between marble granite bricks

1. Granite belongs to igneous rock, which is generally formed by volcanic materials, such as magma, while marble belongs to metamorphic rock, which is formed by natural metamorphism of one kind of stone into another under the mixed action of minerals under high temperature and pressure environment.

2. hardness is different compared with marble, granite hardness is higher, not easy to metamorphism, usually the appearance of color and lustre can be maintained more than one hundred years, and marble because one half contain impurities, easy to be affected by the atmosphere of carbide, carbon dioxide and water gas effect so that its surface lose luster.

3. One obvious difference between marble and granite is their range of use. Usually marble is used indoors while granite is mostly used outdoors.

4. Stone characteristics in general, with the naked eye can distinguish marble and granite, marble pattern is rich, and the color changes more, while granite design is single, generally gray and white, no obvious pattern forming.

5. Different prices

Although granite and marble are high-grade stone material together, but the price difference of both is very big still, marble is smooth because of its quality of a material is exquisite, grain is rich, have the characteristic such as artistic quality more get consumer favour.

How to detect the quality of granite?

One view: meaning is to use two eyes to observe the quality of a material on the surface of stone material quality granite fine texture, stone surface particle size is relatively uniform.

Two quantities: measuring whether the stone meets the design requirements means to measure whether the size and specification of the stone meets the order requirements of our construction technicians.

Three listen to: the meaning is to listen carefully to the percussion sound of stone material, the general quality is better stone material, the sound is clearer when the percussion.

Four try: on the mine or in the stone material factory when, the stone material surface is all overcast nature is cannot change clear whether to have chromatic aberration, whether quality of a material is even etc.

Check: check the manufacturer’s safety license, test report and so on.

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