What Should Be Done After Granite Marble Is Broken

Granite marble is widely used in the decoration industry, this kind of stone material is strong enough high glossiness, but these granite marble are exposed in the air, so it would be easy to have the damage, if break, will affect our beautiful stone, so what are we going to take measures to remedy?

First of all, remove the surface of granite marble damaged floating ash, oil and loose gravel, and marble baluster wholesale businesses remind must pay attention to maintain the dry surface of damaged parts.

Next after processing white marble baluster surface layer, can be directly coated with a transparent primer, or with the filler including putty, white cement slurry, mortar leveling plastic, and reserve 3-5mm deep surface layer, after drying coated with a primer.

Then, just like a doctor does, cover up the parts that don’t need to be repaired. Then, expose the parts that need to be repaired in granite marble.

Finally is the original preparation of good stone slurry coating, spray in the need to repair the damaged granite marble surface, slowly spray, spray several times, until the restoration of the shape of the standard.

When multiple breakages of granite marble have completed the above steps, simply spray the surface with a waterproof finish to complete the repair work. In the face of granite marble breakage is a headache, we follow this method, is it not to worry about how to solve it.

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