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Unique Game During The Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen

The Winning No.1# Scholar is the Special Game is the unique festival in Xiamen. It is said that this game is original from the famous General name Zhengchenggong,when his army stationed troops in Xiamen, in order to solve the soldiers’ homesickness in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Nowadays,in order to promote and keep the traditional culture, Xiamen holds this festival every year.This game need 6 dice to be played in the huge ceramic bowl,when the people are playing,Impact sound from dice and people cheers are integrated into every corner of Xiamen.

Xiamen Eastwood Stone Co., Ltd. also held this game with rich gifts. Everyone had made the happy and unforgettable holiday with the nice actively participation and relaxation atmosphere.

Sharing some happy moments with you. 

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